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Great, you have now picked the ideal tenant and contacted them about the great news. In your approval letter, include the next steps.Make sure that you receive the security deposit within 48 hr of the approval notice. Without that security, your property is still technically on the market; let the

Asking Questions That Breach Human Rights Acts include; Do you plan on having any more children? Where are you from? Are you married or single? Be careful what questions you ask and how you phrase them; you’re not allowed to screen a tenant based on: Ancestry, including people of Aboriginal

Your primary focus is to validate the information the tenant gives you and attempt to identify any disparity. If you come across such issues, it’s usually a sign you should pass on that tenant. Below, I have provided you with a 10 step screening process that should yield significant results

Onsite Showings After you successfully advertise your rental property, interested individuals will start contacting you to see the unit. Learning how to successfully show a rental property can make the difference between retaining the perfect tenant or just settling on who’s still standing.Conversely, it’s important to remember that at this

While words are explicit in advertising something, we can leverage multimedia for finding a tenant without explicitly saying anything. A high-quality relevant picture is worth 1000 words, while a poor picture can destroy your branding almost instantly Onsite Showings While words are explicit in advertising something, we can leverage multimedia

how do you write a catchy title and present information correctly? You ask. As experience shows us, it’s all about being informative and concise. Renting out a studio? Make sure your title mentions it. Does your property have a huge swimming pool and grounds for a small estate? Let your

Great! So, you now have a vacant property and you want to fill it. Excellent work! This is no small feat in itself. Take a minute and enjoy the fact that you are now on your way to fulfill your dreams..One major mistake landlord do that after getting interests to

Working with Others; Delegation, Value, and Safety. Investment Formula for Success Now that you have set up your business, we need something else, a formula for success, something we can use again and again to generate money. Ready for it?The formula is simple! If you can reduce turnover by maintaining

How to Start Your Dream Now that we know rental property is of interest to us because we can build equity, create a passive income and provide something for both the community and your family, let’s get into the details. Below are the key steps that you need to take

Fast times in Slow Real Estate While the real estate market is slow in terms of a properties life cycle, it has daily urgencies that need to be dealt with. These can be one-off projects for renovations that need to be completed to key milestones, for emergency maintenance and daily